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  • Due Tuesday 10/31- Entry #4 in the IRN notebook (composition notebook we put together in class) 
    • Please make sure you follow the rubric! 
    • For this assignment, you are reading from your Independent Novel (this is the novel you are choosing to read) and writing me a summary and a response. 
    • Here is a copy of the
  • Sadlier Unit 4 pg.55-59 are due Monday 11/6
  • Google Classroom  assignment due Monday 11/6. This will be a 5 paragraph essay on Wonder: Character Traits/Development
    • Auggie's Struggles are shown on his face. In a 5 paragraph essay (introduction (starting with a thesis statement (what your paper will be about), body 1, body 2, body 3, conclusion), Please describe 3 other characters and their struggles. What are the differences between their struggles and Auggie's? 
    • Some Characters We've Discussed:
      • Summer
      • Jack Will
      • Justin
      • Via 
  • Sadlier Unit 4 Vocabulary and Spelling test will be Friday 11/10