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  • Grammar: Due Thursday 10/5
    • pg. 130 Ex. 1 #11-20
    • Pg. 131  Ex. 1 #6-10
  • Grammar Quiz Friday 10/6 on the following topics:
    • 7.2 Pronouns: identifying and classifying whether it is: Personal, Possessive, or indefinite AND their antecedents 
  • Sadlier Unit 2 pgs. 27-31 are due Tuesday 10/10 
  • Sadlier Unit 2 Spelling and Vocabulary test Friday 10/13
  • Due Tuesday 10/17- Entry #3 in the IRN notebook (composition notebook we put together in class) 
    • Please make sure you follow the rubric! 
    • For this assignment, you are reading from your Independent Novel (this is the novel you are choosing to read) and writing me a summary and a response. 
    • Here is a copy of the
Hello 6th Grade Families, 
    Today we focused heavily on direct objects and Subject Complements: Predicate Nominatives & Predicate Adjectives. I decided to take Subject and Object Pronouns off of the grammar quiz for Friday because I felt that students needed more help with Direct Objects and Subject Complements first.

We read more from Wonder and had a very focused discussion on Auggie and how he was treated during Halloween. We also started to read from Via's perspective. 

Mrs. Baier