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posted Nov 9, 2017, 9:01 AM by Unknown user
  • Sadlier Unit 4 Vocabulary and Spelling test will be Friday 11/10
  • Google Classroom  assignment due Tuesday 11/14. This will be your FINAL DRAFT of the Wonder Essay
    • You will be going back into your First Draft document and simply making the corrections from your first draft paper. 
    • Once you finish making your corrections, please click resubmit. 
Hello 6th Grade Families,
    I sat with each 6th grader and reviewed their first draft of their Wonder Essay. I explained that they should not be rewriting their essay. Each student should simply go back to Google Classroom and click on their FIRST DRAFT ESSAY. Once their document opens, students can just make the corrections from their papers. After everything is done, students can simply click resubmit. 
    I also explained to students that their IRN assignments will be placed on hold until their long term substitute begins. They have been doing a great job with their work, and I want them to continue reading. 

Mrs. Baier