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  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM the code to join (in case you haven't done so yet is: MA5OQUAK
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENT DUE Friday 9/22 by 6:00 PM: At the end of "The Grand Tour" chapter, we felt that Jack WIll, Charlotte, and Julian seemed like "nice" kids. After reading "The Performance Space" chapter, have your thoughts changed? Please explain and defend your answer using S-E-E writing. 
  • All students need to have a copy of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This was due today, September 18th. 
  • Sadlier Unit 1 pg. 17-21 are due Monday 9/25
  • Due Tuesday 10/3- Entry #2 in the IRN notebook (composition notebook we put together in class) 
    • Please make sure you follow the rubric! 
    • For this assignment, you are reading from your Independent Novel (this is the novel you are choosing to read) and writing me a summary and a response. 
    • Here is a copy of the
Hello 6th Grade Families,
Today, the 6th graders and I went over the last 5 words in Unit 1 of their vocabulary book and quickly reviewed the 5 from yesterday. 

 We read more from Wonder  by R. J. Palacio. We discussed why our opinions changed regarding julian. Students were expected to provide evidence to back up their opinion. We also worked on our inference skills when we read that auggie told his mom that julian wasn't asking his question in a mean way because we know that wasn't true. the 6th graders came to the conclusion that he did this to protect his mom and her feelings, not julian, because he loves his mom. we were also able to infer that based on what auggie said when describing his walk around the neighborhood that he kept his head down. students were able to provide evidence to support their answer. 

Mrs. Baier