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  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM the code to join (in case you haven't done so yet is: MA5OQUAK
  • DQ #1 due in GOOGLE CLASSROOM on thursday 9/28:
    • On page 48, it states Mr. Brown's precept: "WHEN GIVEN THE CHOICE BETWEEN BEING RIGHT OR BEING KIND. CHOOSE KIND." What does this precept mean to you?
      • Your response should be 3-5 sentences long.
      • spelling, punctuation, and grammar count
      • please re-read your work before you click submit
  • unit 1 sadlier vocabulary/spelling test is Friday 9/29
  • Due Tuesday 10/3- Entry #2 in the IRN notebook (composition notebook we put together in class) 
    • Please make sure you follow the rubric! 
    • For this assignment, you are reading from your Independent Novel (this is the novel you are choosing to read) and writing me a summary and a response. 
    • Here is a copy of the
Hello 6th Grade Families,
    today we went over the grammar worksheet that had students identify pronouns as being: personal, possessive, and indefinite. Afterwards we moved on to simply identifying parts of speech and the functions of words in a sentence. I put up two sentences and we identified the: simple and complete subject, simple and complete predicate, direct and indirect articles, nouns, linking verbs and action verbs, prepositions/prepositional phrases, and finally whether or not a sentence had a direct object (belongs with an action verb) and subject complements: predicate nominative and predicate adjective (belongs with linking verbs). They did a great job!
    After grammar we moved on reading more from wonder. While we read we utilized our inference skills to understand Auggie's perspective. We talked about his struggle and why he suddenly began to cry while his mom read an excerpt from the hobbit.  The part talked about how even though they went through struggles, they saw no change. The class was able to infer that Auggie had this reaction because he went through so many surgeries, but his face would never be "normal" or what we he wanted it to be.
mrs. baier