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  • Due Tuesday 10/3- Entry #2 in the IRN notebook (composition notebook we put together in class) 
    • Please make sure you follow the rubric! 
    • For this assignment, you are reading from your Independent Novel (this is the novel you are choosing to read) and writing me a summary and a response. 
    • Here is a copy of the
Hello 6th Grade Families,

Today, the 6th graders took their Unit 1 spelling and vocabulary tests. I have been recording all of their grades and, as soon as Powerschool is up and running, I will post everything. 

    After students finished their tests, they were asked to read from their independent novels. (It is very important that students have their independent novels with them at all times) Afterwards, using the "sticks of wonder," students were selected to talk a little bit about their characters and how the setting/other characters affect the main character. It was a great discussion. 

Mrs. Baier