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  • GRAMMAR: Exercise #1 pg. 32-33 is due Friday 1/6. Students must write whether the sentence is a fragment or a sentence. If it is a fragment students must write what is missing: subject, predicate, or both. 
  • OUR NEXT NOVEL IS...OUT OF MY MIND By Sharon M. Draper. I am asking that all students have this book by Monday 1/9/17. 
  • Entry #12 for your Independent Novel  is due Tuesday 1/10 by 8 a.m. rubric and multiple Weebly videos to assist you. Please remember to use the THINKING STEMS to help you.
  • Unit 5 Sadlier work due by Wednesday 1/11 morning 8 am (the assignment in Sadlier will say Friday, but the work is due on Wednesday 1/11 SADLIER WEBSITE
  • 1st draft of the Argumentative writing piece is due in Google Classroom by Thursday 1/12 8AM
Hello 6th Grade Families,

Today we did exercise 1 together in vocabulary- unit 5. I suggested that all students write down the answers. By doing this they will have the opportunity to simply input them into sadlier.com when they get home. I have already explained to the 6th graders that they are responsible for writing down notes and examples.
We then moved onto Chapter 2 in Grammar. This focuses on sentence structure- such as fragments. We also started Exercise one in Chapter 2.1. 

It is extremely important that the 6th graders are reviewing their parts of speech and the difference between subject and predicate. I have gone over these topics with the 6th graders this year and in 4th grade. At this point I can not reteach these topics. In 6th grade we need to move onto proper punctuation and sentence structure. In order to accomplish this there has to be a background knowledge in parts of speech and subject predicate. It is the responsibility of the student to practice at home.  Below are two websites to help with Subject and Predicate. 

Here are some websites to help students practice:

Mrs. Baier