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posted Sep 28, 2016, 10:13 AM by Unknown user
  • ON WEEBLY: please add a new blog page under novels entitled Independent Novel.
    • If you are having trouble please watch this video.
  • Your first Weebly Entry is due Thursday 9/29/16 on your Independent Novel. Please refer to the rubric and multiple WEEBLY videos to help you while you write. 
  • Vocabulary Unit 1 Test Friday 9/30/16
  • DUE TOMORROW: Grammar- pg. 142 Exercise 2  #1-5. This must be written on loose leaf paper so it can go back into your binder. 
Hello 6th Grade Families,

Today we worked on nouns and the 6th graders did a GREAT job! I know this is more of a review, but it is very important because in 6th grade nouns function as many different things, so being able to identify them is important. We started reading our class novel, Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Both groups immediately started a discussion. Please ask your children about the beginning of our new novel. 

*** ALSO, I gave each student a graphic organizer that may help them when writing a summary.***

Mrs. Baier