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6 de Octubre, 2016

posted Oct 6, 2016, 8:38 AM by Unknown user
Spanish: The final rules for Las Consonantes. 3x each in Spanish 1x each in English and the Part of Speech. If it's a person or a place, just write a brief description about it. Example - Xitle is a mountain in Mexico.
  1. Between vowels and at the end of a word, X sounds like ks in Talks. At the beginning of a word, X sounds like the letter s or ch.

Examen (ks) Xilófono (s) *Xela (ch) *Xitle (ch)

  1. X is also pronounced like the Spanish J  having an H sound like Here.

*Mexico *Oaxaca *Mexicano

  1. Y as a consonant (at the beginning, or within a word) is pronounced like the y in Yes….

Yo Ayer Yuca Yogur

  1. ...When standing alone as a conjunction or at the end of a word Y sounds like the vowel I (ee).

Rey *Paraguay *Juan y Maria

  1. Z is pronounced like the c in the word City. Some parts of Spain pronounce the Z with a th sound like in Thin.

Zapato Azul Vez Zoológico