Field Trip Letter to Parents

posted May 18, 2017, 1:43 PM by Unknown user
Attention 6th & 7th Grade Parents:
With hopes, your child/children should have run home to you with excitement over receiving their permission slip for their scheduled class trip to Central Park and the Central Park Zoo.

So this is the plan...
We're taking the kids to Central Park to partake in a park-wide Scavenger Hunt based on a list of items and  clues that we will provide. To heighten the experience, we invite parents to join us on this amazing activity, especially since we would like to split the classes into smaller groups. Here's the catch - to keep the cost of the trip down, we only rented one (1) bus for the two (2) classes and for the teachers. Any parent who wants to join us would have to drive in one their own. If you are planning on chaperoning or attending the trip, I recommend that you contact other parents to create a carpool. I asked Corine Janosz (our 6th grade class mom) to reach out to help with any carpool questions to help expedite the process. 

Whats the deal......
$20 gets your child into NYC (safely) and entrance to the Central Park Zoo  (Zoo, Petting Zoo, and 4D Theatre). If you are planning on attending the Field Trip - please include an additional $13.50 for an adult ticket.

To Eat....Or Not to Eat?
As the permission slip states, students need to bring a packed lunch and plenty of non-carbonated refreshments (not in glass). One of the challenges is for the students to order a lite snack from a Street Vendor to add to the total NYC experience. So provide at least $5.00.

Mommy....I want that....
Yes, there is a gift shop at the Central Park Zoo -- and where there's a gift shop, you know what's next... $$$. If you are okay with your child purchasing souvenirs, please be sure to send cash with your child.

  • If you're willing to chaperone, please notify myself or Mrs. Baier. And Gracias in advance. 
  • We will be outside ALL DAY. Be prepared to walk a lot and endure the elements. As we get closer, I will send out an outdoor checklist of necessities. 
  • If it is cloudy or drizzling, we will continue our trip as planned.
  • In the event of RAIN (God forbid), we will resume our trip in the Museum of Natural History. All tickets for the zoo will be available for use one (1) year from purchase. YAY.... it's a win win.
  • Students must enter and exit NYC together on the bus. No student will drive home with a parent. Sorry - that's the rule.
Overall - we are looking forward to having a great time with our 6th and 7th Grade Classes, and I hope you are too. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns - please do not hesitate to contact either (or both) Mrs. Baier or I.

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams,
Mr. James Falletti