No Fuss Lunch Update

posted Oct 4, 2016, 3:24 PM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,
As you may be aware, No Fuss Lunch launched a new website at the start of this school year.  It was intended to provide our users more functionality with a better look and feel, while enabling our kitchen and onsite team to better serve your children.  Unfortunately, the updated site did not perform at a level we deemed acceptable.  Therefore, we reverted back to our former ordering platform.  The change-over took place yesterday, and the October menu is live.

We realize this is an inconvenience, and take full responsibility.  While this change is not ideal, it’s necessary.  We must make this change now, so we can best serve you and your children during the remainder of the school year. 
Please note the following important information:

1.   Although the No Fuss Lunch homepage will stay the same, when users attempt to log in or order, they will be required to re-register and add their children.  All users are required to re-register and add children.

2.   A small number of October orders have already been placed.  All credit cards are being refunded immediately, and users will need to re-order for the month of October.  If you require assistance re-ordering please contact us. We will help.

3.   All existing credits will immediately be refunded to respective credit cards.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.  Our commitment continues to be to provide our children with healthy and delicious school lunches.  By re-enabling our former platform, we can deliver the service you expect, and provide you with tools that work.

Please feel free contact me personally with any questions you may have regarding the change-over.


Gabriella Wilday
No Fuss Lunch